I Ate Your Wife

You have been babysitting for me while I was out for a business meeting. You are lying on the couch with your pants unbuttoned, Your belly is looking full and puffed out. You seem resting but actually are just digesting a little before wanting to leave, as You don’t want to tell me what happened.

You hear me coming home a little earlier than expected and get up. once I enter the room You say hello and start telling me how the evening went, how You’ve been taking care of everything and cooking dinner, etc. You should slightly rub your puffed-out belly which I notice. You then tell me it’s because of the dinner you had as well as lots of snacks you had during the evening. You’re obviously trying to distract me and keep me from looking for my wife, which You manage by showing me Your full belly as You notice I can’t keep my eyes off it

After a few minutes, I tell You that I have to look for my wife and greet her. You realize there is no way to hide what you did, however, given the fact I am still mesmerized by your belly You finally tell me that You ate my wife. I am in shock and head for the phone to call the police. At that point, You start telling me that no one is going to believe me, as a girl as cute as You could never hurt or eat another person. However, that doesn’t seem to stop me from calling the police. So you began to threaten me, saying you’re going to devour me too if I don’t put away the phone. At that point, you tell me “I’m not going to be making that call. I’m going to devour you too!”

I Ate Your Wife

This was a custom clip Miss Kelle filmed for me and it is really good. This is not a belly stuffing clip (and to my knowledge belly stuffing is not a fetish she’s interestend in, so do not bug her about it!), however if you like vore you’ll probably like this clip a lot!
– kinjiro –

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