His Fat Secretary I part 2

“You start by showing off your fat and fat ass in a thong. You then start by trying on different leg gins, perhaps different colours and some high waisted ones talking about how much stretch there would be how your belly will look bulging out of them, how your ass will look in them and how you wont be able to walk, you’ll be waddling or maybe you’ll be so stuffed he’ll have to roll you out because your belly will be so round it’ll look like you swallowed and exercise ball. Finally you try on some jeans that are way too small that barely button and your spilling out of them. You say he might like to see you eat until the buttons burst off them and then he can feed you more. With a top that doesnt cover your belly you talk about what people will say when they see you waddling out with your bulging belly as he leads you out cus your too stuffed to walk on your own. he likes the jeans best so you say lets go stuff me until i burst!

Part 2:

You’e coming back completely stuffed! in fact you actually think you’re gunna explode, your groaning deeply and sound genuinely worried that you might burst. You’re holding your stomach pants unbuttoned and he is helping you waddle slowly. You ask him to just let you see if you can walk on your own. He lets you go slightly but then as you try to take a step you start to fall, he has to catch you as you laugh at yourself saying your too stuffed you cant even walk. he helps you on to the sofa with you belly bulging, its pinning you down you cant even see over it. You lie there groaning about how fat you are, you ask him to look at you, look at your stomach you’re so FAT! Look at what he’s done to you. you hope he doesnt mind having such FAT secretary. If he keeps this up you’re gonna need a bigger chair for your fat ass. He sits by you and starts rubbing your tummy, you tell him to be careful cus you mite pop any second. you look at him and say im such a fat cow aren’t i? He says yes, I guess you are a fat cow, but your my fat cow!

His Fat Secretary I part 2

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