Feedings & Into Gaining Weight As Your Captive

I awaken to yet ANOTHER heaping pile of food in front of my face. Every time i stuff myself i pass out in a massive food coma, only to awaken to MORE food! I have been held captive for what must be weeks now in this kitchen while i am to stuff myself with plate after plate of fatty rich food. There are cameras all over this kitchen so i know you are watching me! WHat a sick freak you are!! Why are you doing this to me!? WHYYYY? When i first arrived here, i was a size 2! Now look at me! I am becoming a squishy chubby fat slob! My clothes dont fit, i cant button my shorts and my stomach feels like it is going EXPLODE! It grows bigger and bigger with each feeding you me to eat. Anytime i try to refuse a serving of food, i get shocked by your evil lasers that you have rigged in this torturous kitchen jail. So it seems no matter how many times a day you want me to eat.. 4,5 ,6 ,,,7 plates of food,, i MUST shovel it all down my throat and into my fast expanding fat belly. I will say though, all the food has been exceptionally delicious,, it’s just that i am soooo FULL that every bite causes me excruciating pain. It feels like my stomach is going to burst at the seams. But you don’t care. You’re probably getting off to this right now! You probably love seeing my waddle around and squeeze my juicy fat thighs ass and belly for you. But when will this stop!? WHEN? How fat can you possibly want me to get?

I continue to beg and plead with you for my freedom. Or at least just to get a break from stuffing myself with fatty delicious foods. In desperation I even announce again that i WILL NOT eat another bite! Of course that gets me another round of zapping lasers which causes my plump body to jiggle and shake as the electroshock waves course through my fatty adipose tissue. I swear the fatter i get, the more those shock lasers hurt!! FINE! I will stuff these barbecue meatballs down my throat too! That’s what you want right!? To watch me shovel MORE food into my gullet as I get fatter and fatter by the minute!? My thighs are swelling up with fat, i now have a double chin instead of a single, my cheeks are puffy my squishy ass is expanding , My tits are aching from growth , and my belly is HUGE. When will it stop!!? Havent I eaten enough for you yet? Isn’t my massive belly jiggly and round enough yet?! Well fine, looks like don’t really have a choice anyway… After gobbling up the meatballs, my big round gut it stretched to the MAX. So I drag myself back up onto the counter for another food-coma nap as i cradled my bursting belly in hopes that it doesnt literally explode.

And Once AGAIN,, I wake up to even MORE food! A Plate piled with fresh made donuts! At this point i think even my brain is getting fat, i cant even think straight anymore. It’s as if the only bodily function i can still make work is EATING! SIgh. No matter how much a protest these feedings, there is always MORE FOOD! I guess i better just get used to being your captive chubby blubbery slob…

Feedings & Into Gaining Weight As Your Captive

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