Fattening Up Your GF Weight Gain

Your GF does her weekly weigh in and she is super confused how she is still gaining, she starts to get really upset and you have no choice but to admit to her what you’ve been doing, those “weightloss shakes” you’ve been giving her are weight gain shakes! She is hurt and confused, why would you want to make her undesirable and FAT?

You admit you like fat overweight women and find the fat rolls and extra jiggle sexy. She doesn’t believe you at first, and starts to parade her big gut around to see if it will make you hard. To her surprise it does, and she starts to calm down a little. She say’s if you like fat women, then she will get as fat as possible for you. A whale. The size of a house. So lazy she never leaves the couch except for more food.

She strips off and jiggles her bigger tits, big belly and lard covered thighs as she encourages you to cum for her as she teases you about how fat she is gonna become.

Fattening Up Your GF Weight Gain

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