If you like to see beautiful girls overeat and stuff their bellies, you’ve come to the right place!

This site is about girls that like to overeat and stuff their bellies until they’re absolutely full and bloated. So basically what you’re going to find here is everything you probably have been looking for (unless you came here for some reason I can’t think of): girls eating way too much and showing off their food stuffed bellies, burping, forcing themselves to eat, gluttony, forced eating and force feeding. Or, maybe you have a belly fetish and just love to see a beautiful girl’s cute tummy, no matter if it’s full of food or not. You can find that here, too.

This is not a site about binge eating or other eating disorders. You won’t find any information on eating disorders here as this is a site about girls that actually like to overeat. Overeating can be fun. So if you do not enjoy eating or overeating this is not the place for you. Also, this is not just another site about big beautiful women showing of their plump bodies. While you may find bbw content here this site mainly is about overeating. Also, if you have a weight gain fetish, there may be better places for you to check out. This site is NOT about gaining weight and getting fat on purpose. It is about overeating and its (short term) effects on the belly. All the girls on here love to eat and they love to eat a lot, but that doesn’t mean they want to get fat. So please think twice before emailing them and asking them to gain weight.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Advertising on khspromo

If you are a producer and want to make overeating videos or if you need some promotion for videos you already filmed, please feel free to email me and ask for promotional help.

I will happily add links to your site and/ or clipstore on this site and promote your clips so you hopefully can make some new fans. Since the creation of this site in November 2007 it has grown a rather large community with people from all over the world visiting it on a daily basis, so having your links on here will most probably bring you more attention.

Please keep in mind that I only can promote you if your clips are real, meaning you must not pretend to overeat in them but actually do it. There is no need to make clips on a regular basis, but usually this will help creating a larger fan base.

If you think you’ve got what it takes email me and we’ll talk it over.

One last thing you should know: promotion is a free service, meaning you will not have to pay for it in any way. A back-link to http://www.femalebellystuffing.com would be nice, though.

A word on what we have to offer

We would like to point out that everything you can see on this site is absolutely real! All the girls on this site love to eat, stuff their bellies, burp and do whatever else you get to see in the videos. Nothing of what you can see here has been faked in any way. We do not claim to have girls that can drink gallons and gallons of juice or milk, eat dozens and dozens of burgers or whatever unbelieveable amount of food or drink you can think of. While this may be an arousing fantasy to some we believe in keeping it real and stick to what is possible. So if a clip’s description says the girl in it eats a huge amount of food that doesn’t mean she eats as much as a cow. It means she eats as much as what she thinks is a huge meal. This may not seem like a lot for you. But, if you’ve seen some of the videos from this site, you will agree that all of the girls give it their best to stuff their bellies to their limits and get that cute potbelly look you all like.