Claire’s Christmas Binge

Claire has gained a considerable amount of weight since Thanksgiving, and she wants to continue to put on more. She made herself a HUGE feast for thanksgiving. 5 plates of food, one bowl of soup, and a large bottle of gatorade!!! She eats 3 slabs of Christmas ham with pineapple chipotle salsa, rice pilaf, steamed broccoli, a gigantic portion of mashed potatoes with gravy, an oversized piece of cornbread with extra butter, a humongous heaping plate of beef and mushroom stroganoff pasta, another heaping large plate of salad with extra ranch, a big fat piece of warm apple pie, and a bowl of cheddar potato soup. She already ate a lot earlier in the day and she is starving again, so she really thinks she can eat it all!! This is her biggest, most extreme stuffing in history. She is wearing nothing but a sexy santa hat, and she steps on the scale before she starts eating, to show you her “before” weight. Even before she eats anything, as you’re looking down at her belly to see the number on the scale, you can see she has gained weight in her belly and it’s already a bit chubby. Very sexy looking! She sits down at the table with her ridiculously huge feast, and starts pigging out. She picks up the slabs of ham and starts devouring them. She has so much food in front of her, she cannot decide what to eat next, so she just goes from plate to plate to plate, shoveling huge forkfuls of all different kinds of food into her mouth. She eats really fast in the beginning because she is so hungry. You can actually see her bare belly getting bigger and bigger and more round the more she eats. She then eats the entire bowl of cheddar potato soup, and after she gulps down the last of that, she starts to feel a bit of fullness in her belly. That slows her down a bit, but certainly doesn’t stop her! She eats 4 entire plates of food clean, and all she has left is the fifth and final plate of food, which she has eaten half of already. She is miserably stuffed at this point, and is talking about the sharp pains she is feeling in her belly, all the way through her chest. Her belly is SO full, it is putting pressure on her lungs when she breathes in, and she can’t take a deep breath. Her belly is so stuffed it looks like she is literally about to deliver a baby. Her belly is protruding very far away from her body, it almost does not look natural and looks like it is going to split open from the pressure! She still takes bites from the last plate of food, until she is unable to swallow another bite, she is that full. She shows you another close-up of her humongous stuffed belly, and it is just so impressive and huge and so sexy to look at! She thinks she MUST have gained at least 10 pounds from that stuffing! She steps on the scale again, and holy fuck she can’t believe the difference from just 40 minutes ago!! What an amazing weight gain from just one stuffing!!!!! Her belly is so massive and round and bulging so far out, she has to bend at the waist to be able to see the number on the scale! She is moaning and groaning at this point, from the stomach ache that has set in. Every inch of her digestive tract is FULL of food, including her intestines, and her belly is starting to make some crazy digestive noises, trying to digest the massive amount of food she just stuffed into it! This is definitely her best stuffing to date, and was the most perfect Christmas present to herself!


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