Bloated Birthday Binge Burps

Oh dear, that birthday cake did NOT settle well in my stomach at all. I feel so swollen, and the belly bubbles are already gurgling and rumbling. My bloated belly is distended well beyond what my micro bikini can contain, and it feels like my gut is about to bust right out as it expands before my eyes.

I couldn’t even finish my birthday cake! The burping is already bad, but it feels like I’ll be farting soon too. Being overfed from too much facestuffing has me yawning and rubbing my bloated belly, pondering if I should have a lay down or if I should head to the bathroom instead.

Yuck, I’m not sure binging on so much birthday cake by myself was a great idea. My belly is growling and churning out alarming belches left and right. Oh no, I need to run to the bathroom! This cake is doing more than just making me burp, it isn’t digesting!

Bloated Birthday Binge Burps

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