Big Sexy Belly JOI Game

Great for lovers of big bellies, big butts, fat chat, belly play, burps, jerk off encouragement, sexy dirty talk, and JOI games!

I’m so full… *burp!* I can’t believe you fed me so many tacos, you’re so naughty tonight…You love making my belly bigger and bigger… Now I’m so full it’s hard to move… I’m not too full to have a little fun though! Why don’t you play a little game with me… First I want you to unzip your pants…

I encourage you to stroke for me while I play with my big belly and talk about how it’s been growing… Keep your eyes on my nice plump belly while I talk dirty to you and tell you when to go faster… wow, jiggling my belly like this when I’m so full keeps making me burp! We’re going to keep playing this jerkoff game until I give you a nice cum countdown at the end. And to make things even more fun, I add a naughty little twist to this JOI game involving my big butt too!

Big Sexy Belly JOI Game

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