Belly fetish Q&A

In this clip, I am answering some questions I received, about my belly, my friend’s belly(Rebel Chick ) and about belly fetish.
The questions/curiosities are:

“1. What got you into belly fetish?
2. Best Belly Kink?
3. Ever been mistaken pregnant?
4. Biggest Belly Stuffing?
5. Favorite Thing About your friend’s belly?
6. Favorite Belly Moment?
7. Biggest Belly Ache Moment?
8. How you both met?
9. Who has the biggest belly?
10. Who’s belly fits more food?
11. Favorite story about your belly?
12. Ever talked to your belly?
13. Ever worship or play with each other’s bellies, not for a video?
14. Worst moment with belly
15. Embarrassing moment

After that, give a tour of your belly and talk about how much you love it.”


Belly fetish Q&A

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