20 Kilos Of Watermelon

ok, today was rought and…. challenging! coz this watermelon is entire 20 kilos! and guess who is going to eat all of it? you are right – Me! ok, may be not at once (unless My aim is to explode!), but I have plenty of time. and of coz you can share it with Me, we both know how you love seeing Me really stuffed, how My belly is becomming absolutelly bloated! and My curves looking hot as ever 😉

after taking a small nap I feel less stuffed. however, after a while I do feel like having a lot of more of that watermelon! MORE… I’d say all of it! if it ever fits My belly. do you think it would? coz I must say it becomes so very huge in a while. would you like to see these curves again? I know you love watching Me, and I get extremly flirty doing it, hun.

20 Kilos Of Watermelon

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